UPBF Paintball World Championship 2019 Announcement

With the amazing also sometimes comes the challenges. This is especially true for us at now with the upcoming UPBF Paintball World Championship 2019.

Firstly we would like to thank all the countries for their amazing response to the event this year, it is truly phenomenal.

We are currently standing at a record high 52 teams over 5 categories from more than 26 different countries around the world. For most of these categories it is the highest number of countries competing to date.

  • Veterans – 19 countries
  • Womens 5-player – 8 countries
  • U19 – 13 countries
  • Womens 3-player – 5 countries
  • U16 – 7 countries

Previously these various categories took place during a NXL Europe event, but this year it was decided to combine the national teams, excluding the mens national teams, to create a different experience for our national teams coming to the NXL Europe in Amsterdam and the response was spectacular.

With this obviously comes a few challenges regarding a higher amount of concentrated administrative tasks, sign-in challenges for teams/players as well as the scheduling of games.

Originally we would have liked to start on Thursday from around 12pm with games, but due to the higher than expected turnout in the various divisions, this is no longer possible.  We therefore need to restructure our schedules and starting times as follow and would like to inform you of this now for any final arrangements you might need to make for your teams.

Sign-in will now open on Wednesday 25 September from 2pm for national teams that are already in the Netherlands, especially teams starting first games on Thursday morning with their games. This will also help us to alleviate the pressure of sign-in on Thursday morning. Please remember that each player must bring their passport from the country they represent as part of the verification process.

Please Note: Players ONLY competing in the UPBF Paintball World Championship does not require a players card and does not need to buy one from the NXL website. Players that will competing in both the UPBF and the NXL Europe event will require a NXL Europe players card to compete.

Prelim games for Veterans, U19 and Womens 5-player will now start already on Thursday 26 September from 8am on both the pro and semi-pro fields. Please note that Womens 3-player and U16 will still only be played on Sunday 29 September as originally announced.

We are managing the schedule to make sure Veterans, U19 and Womens 5-player have prelim games at some time during the day on the pro-field to have coverage for your country on the live webcast. Prelim games will also be played on the semi-pro field during the day.

Please note that play-offs will take place on Friday 27 September in the morning from 8am and the Finals will be played on Friday 27 September in the afternoon after the main NXL games on the pro-field for 1st/2nd places and will be on the live webcast. 3rd/4th places will be played on the semi-pro field.

We would still like to hold the flag ceremony for the countries and this will be scheduled for Thursday 26 September from 1 pm during the field lunch break for the referees. We ask all countries to be present at the flag ceremony at the main field. Each country will bring onto the field all their national teams during the flag ceremony while the country anthem will be played.

Award Ceremony will take place on Sunday 29 September 2019 after the main games from around 5pm.

Please note registration will remain open until 9 September 2019 or until we reach capacity for any of these categories. Those countries that are still considering to compete, please register urgently to assist us in proper planning.

We realize that this might affect some countries with regards to current travel and accommodation arrangements made, and we do apologize for this and ask that if there are any challenges that you might face regarding this to let us know asap to see how we can best assist with the situation.

Important: We also ask countries to please update their rosters asap for us to start with the team announcements via social media.

Thank you for your understanding and please feel free to contact us for any questions or concerns.