UPBF Paintball World Championship 2019 – Amsterdam 26-29 Sep

We are really excited to welcome 56 teams from 26 countries to the UPBF Paintball World Championships 2019 that will take place over the weekend of 26-29 September 2019 in Amsterdam.

This will be the largest UPBF Paintball World Championships to date with a increase in representative teams in most of the categories.

We are excited to see countries competing in the Veterans, U19, Womens 5-player, Womens 3-player and U16 categories representing their countries to see which national team is the best in the world.

Make sure you join us at the UPBF Paintball World Championships hosted in conjunction with the 2019 NXL Europe Amsterdam Open (World Championships) or if you can’t be there make sure to watch it live via the webcast on the NXL Europe Facebook page.

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